Who is Cleanwerx?

Cleanwerx is the "how-to" guide publishing division of A.C. James Co., owned and operated by Andrew James, who has been a professional window cleaner for over 20 years in the greater Seattle, WA area.

Andrew has spent years refining and streamlining his trade to capture the most efficient and successful ways of cleaning windows. Along the way, he has provided advice to countless consumers seeking to know the "secrets" to getting perfectly clean windows.

Through Cleanwerx, Andrew shares his expertise of essential techniques and tips in the fully illustrated, step-by-step guide "Understanding Window Cleaning".

Our Mission

Cleanwerx strives to deliver best-quality products that increase productivity and satisfaction for consumers and our wholesale customers.

Cleanwerx owner Andrew James partners his expertise with a talented professional writer & designer, and a seasoned commercial illustrator to ensure Cleanwerx how-to guides are easy to understand and enjoyable to use.

Window Cleaner (image from Understanding Window Cleaning)